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Babcock Street Redevelopment

The Babcock Street Redevelopment Area (map) was created in 1997 to facilitate the revitalization of an important commercial corridor in Melbourne. In the years since, a remarkable improvement has taken place.   Members of the Babcock Street Redevelopment Committee prioritize public improvement projects. 

Commercial space that stood vacant for years has now been filled. Significant new investments have been made in retail property. In a more dramatic development, the area has emerged as a high-tech employment center with several companies locating in the area. The expanded Keiser University campus provides another area of activity for the corridor.

Public improvements to the district are assisted by local tax revenue that is set aside for the redevelopment district. The City of Melbourne continues to fund improvement projects in the area, the most recent being a median and streetscape project. 

The City acquired a vacated, 13-acre theater property so that Babcock Street could be realigned to intersect with U.S. 1. This has allowed a realignment of the roadway to intersect directly with Highway U.S. 1.  Most of the property was then resold and is the site of a private development.

The district boundary follows Babcock Street from New Haven Avenue northward to a point near U.S. 1. The Florida Department of Transportation is undertaking a major road widening and improvement project at the southern end.

Keiser University campus on Babcock Street in Melbourne, Florida

DRS Optronics business located in the Babcock Redevelopment Area

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