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Inspections - AIRS Instructions

Enter from a touch-tone telephone 

Number SixNumber SevenNumber FourNumber FiveNumber SevenNumber SevenNumber Four

The welcome message will greet you

Select one of the following Main Menu Options

Number One

To reach AIRS

Number Four

To reach the AIRS practice mode

After five (5) seconds of no response, the instruction will be repeated

Selection Number One will activate AIRS to request your permit number.
Enter your 7-digit permit number.
Upon request, enter your 3-digit Confirmation Number
Upon request, enter one of the following four AIRS Menu Options

Number One

Building Permit Status (when this option is selected, a message indicating the present state of the Building Permit will be heard.)

Number Two

To Request an Inspection, or

Number Three

To Request Inspection Results (when this option is selected, listen carefully, if the Inspection did not pass, the Inspector may have left a message. Always read the inspection reject tag for additional info.), or

Number Four

To Cancel an Inspection
Enter the appropriate 4-digit Inspection Type Code. AIRS will confirm the entry by stating the Inspection Type Name.
If this is the correct code name, press Number One
If this is NOT correct, press Zero and re-enter the correct Code.
Before Exiting.  In all cases before exiting AIRS, instructions will be given to select one of the following three options or to simply hang up:

Number One

Another request for the same Permit

Number Two

An inquiry on another Permit


Return to the Main Option Menu
If no selection is made, AIRS will automatically hang up

Selection Number Four will activate AIRS PRACTICE MODE.

Use Permit Number 

Number OneNumber TwoNumber ThreeNumber FourNumber FiveNumber SixNumber Seven

Use Confirmation Number  

Number OneNumber TwoNumber Three

Where appropriate, enter a valid 4-digit Inspection Type Code Number.   Practice will develop the skill of being able to enter the necessary data at the beginning of the computer request instead of waiting for the completion of the request.
Upon completion of a practice session, Press Asterisk to exit the Practice Mode and return to the Main Menu Option


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