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Code Compliance Facts

Boats, Trailers and Recreational Vehicles may be stored in a carport, enclosed structure or to the rear of building lines indicated by the illustrations. Illustration 1, Illustration 2, or Illustration 3.

Note Inoperable / Unregistered Vehicles may be stored in a carport or enclosed structure.

Grass or lawn on properties may be up to 12” in height.

Note Permitted Outside are items such as children’s toys/playground equipment and lawn furniture.

Portable Storage Units are allowed in residential neighborhoods twice a year not to exceed 14 days each.

Note Garage Sales - More than two (2) within a calendar year is not recommended.

Fences may have two sections replaced once per year without a permit through the City of Melbourne Building Department.


Block parties and other special activities are allowed with a special activity permit.

Note Refuse Containers may be placed out after 5:00 p.m. the day before pickup and returned to behind the face of the building on the day of collection.
Note Home Occupations, in a residentially zoned district, a home Business Tax Receipt may be issued when the home is used only as a location for a business phone and an address for business correspondence.  There shall not be any walk-in or drive-in business to the residence; no storage of goods, equipment, or parking of commercial vehicles.

House Numerals indicate the official numerical address for each principal building or each front entrance to such building must be posted on the building in such a manner as to be clearly visible from the street in which the building is located.  The numerals must be a minimum of three (3) inches in height and 1/2 inches wide and of a contrasting color to the building.

If you require additional information contact the Code Compliance Division
at (321) 608-7905 or e-mail


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