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Procedure for Demolition Permits
Demolition permits are secured using a regular building permit application form.
1.  Who is authorized to secure Demolition Permits:
Note General Contractors (State or County) or individuals issued a Brevard County Occupational License which reads: Land Clearing Contractor
Note Owner who meets limited conditions by state law of Chapter 489.102(7) Florida Statute
Note Demolition Permits issued for structures over twelve (12) feet in height above grade or wall forty (40) feet in length to be secured by qualified individuals or firm.
 2.  Demolition Permit Requirements:
Note Notarized authorization from property owner to remove structure
Note Secure proof of property ownership

Asbestos abatement disclosure if applicable


Secure permit with City of Melbourne, Building Department

Note Plot plan, drawn to scale, showing structure to be removed, specifying the square footage of structure
Note Copies of all licenses and insurances
Note Value of demolition project
Note A Tree Removal Permit is required on all demolition projects, even if there are no trees being removed. There will be a minimum fee of $15.00 for the permit.
Note A Trash Hauling Permit is required on all construction/demolition projects. Trash hauling fees can be calculated using roll-off calculations or at $.01 per square foot of construction/demolition area.
 3.   Demolition procedures:

Secure permit prior to commencement

Note Have letters of terminations from FPL, City Gas, Telephone, TV and any other pertinent utilities
Note Water service termination will have visual inspection by Water/Sewer Department
Note Sewer service termination will have visual inspection by Water/Sewer Department
Note Septic tank termination will be witnessed by the Building Department
Note Contractor must notify Public Works Department for sidewalk bond, sewer cap fee and hydrant/water utilization permit
Note Contractor must notify Utility Billing Department of the City of Melbourne to clear all liens and pending bills on the property
4.  Schedule an on-site inspection with the following:
Note Building Department, use the Automatic Inspection Request System
Note Melbourne Police Department, request 48 hours in advance
Note CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) Department if they are involved, request 48 hours in advance
5.  Schedule of events on the day of demolition:
Note Police Department will search structure for unauthorized personnel prior to commencement
Note Letters of terminations on-site
Note Either Community Development or the Building Department will verify current site conditions:
1)  Tree Protection
2)  Sidewalk Condition
3)  Abutting Properties Condition and Protection
6.  Contractor or Owner is required to call for a Final Inspection:
Note Note permit stipulations
Note Lot leveled, no ponding of water
Note Lot seeded and mulched
Note All debris removed
N If any, wells will be properly terminated
7.  Where the demolition involves removal of any structural members, a shoring plan must be submitted. The shoring plan must demonstrate how the remaining portion of the building will be supported. The plans shall be signed & sealed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Florida.
8.  Exploratory Demolition Permits can only be issued to the contractor with the approval of the Building Official. It is issued for exploratory inspection to assist the Contractor, Architect and/or Engineer determine the extent of the deterioration of the building.
9.  The fee for demolition permits is a flat fee of $65.00 with no plan check fee.

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