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Commercial Permits
Commercial Plan Review Submittal Instructions

Minimum Plan Requirements for Commercial Buildings


(provided in .pdf format for downloading & printing.)

Note Permit application must be complete.
Note The property owner must sign the application (notarized). The contractor (qualifier) must sign the application in all cases (notarized). If the owner’s signature is notarized, then an agent may sign for the qualifier with a notarized authorization from the qualifier.
Note A complete legal description is required (a/k/a Tax ID Number)
Note The subcontractors, if known, need to be listed. The subcontractor signature is not required a this time.
Note Trash Hauling Permit form must be completed. Cost will be based on square footage or use of the roll-off calculation in section 2 of the form.
Note If construction debris will be placed in a Harris Sanitation Dumpster located on site, indicate so at the top of the form. (There will be no fee)
Note If construction debris is to be taken back to your place of business indicate so at the top of the form.
Note Notice of Commencement must be submitted prior to first inspection. (Must be signed by the property owner). 
Note Permit authorization form is to be used when anyone other than the qualifier will be picking up the permit when ready to be issued. 

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