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Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
New Construction Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy
  The following items are required prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued on New Construction:


1. Final Survey (N.G.V.D.)

2. Brevard County Impact Fee Receipt

3. Signed/Sealed Truss Drawings

4. Insulation Certificate

5. Soil Treatment Certificate

6. Elevation Certificate (if applicable)

7. Water and Sewer Impact Fee Receipts


1. Final Survey (as-built)

2. PDF copy of construction drawings, survey, compaction results and concrete
    results on CD.

2. Brevard County Impact Fee Receipts

3. Water and Sewer Impact Fee Receipts

These are the minimum requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. There may be other requirements depending upon the project. Please contact the Building Department at (321) 608-7915 for requirements for your individual project.


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