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Permit Application Procedures
Instructions For Completing A Permit Application
  The following information is required on all permit applications before they can be accepted and processed:
Note The project name (business name).
Note The project address (must be a numerical address with suite numbers or unit numbers when applicable). Addresses can be obtained by contacting the City of Melbourne Engineering Department, (321) 608-7300.
Note  The complete legal description (taken from a current tax record) accompanied by a copy of the current tax roll or property deed. The township, range, section, subdivision name and number, block and lot must all be included.
Note The property owner’s name and address as shown on proof of ownership.
Note Fee simple title holder, if applicable (if not, indicate with N/A).
Note Bonding company information, if applicable (if not, indicate with N/A)
Note Mortgage lender’s information. If there is not a mortgage on the property, indicate "owned" in the space provided. 
Note Architect/Engineer’s name and address.
Note Description of work (exactly what is to be done).
Note Value of construction (the actual valuation of the work to be done, including materials and labor costs). Permit cost will be determined by using the current ICC Valuation Data Table with a .91 multiplier. Please contact the Code Compliance Division at 321-608-7915 for further information.
Note Contractor information. Company name, license holder name and address, and license numbers (if not known, indicate TBD - to be determined).

If there are any subcontractors (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas or roofing) list the company name, address and license number and have the license holder sign the application. 

Note The property owner’s/agent’s signature (notarized) and the contractor’s signature (notarized). If and only if the owner’s signature has been notarized may a contractor authorize an agent to sign on his behalf. At any time when an agent is to sign for the contractor, the agent must have a notarized authorization from the qualifier identifying the specific job that the authorization covers. We will not accept blanket authorizations. 
Note Most commercial projects must pay a plan check fee upon application submittal. Please call to verify the amount before applying.

  The following documentation is required:
Note Application, completed and signed by applicant
Note Proof of ownership
Note Location of water source (City water, well water, etc.)
Note A survey or site plan showing all irrigation lines and sprinkler head locations
Note Type and location of rain sensor device
Note Source of electrical power for sensor

NOTE: * A Separate Electrical Permit may be required *

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