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Phone 321-608-7905 - FAX 321-608-7920
Inspection requests (AIRS) 321-674-5774

HOURS: 8:30-5
Permit issuance hours 8:30-4.
Plan processing hours 8:30-5.
Inspector office hours 7:30-8, 12:30-1, 3:30-4.
Inspector field hours 8-11:30, 1-3:30.
Code Compliance Resources

Code Compliance is dedicated to the provision of high-quality services through innovative policies, procedures, and computer technology. The division provides support to the Code Enforcement Board and Building Board of Adjustment & Appeals .  "The Role of City Boards" provides information on board functions. The division is also responsible for the registration of properties that are in foreclosure, and provides an online registration form.

The Building Section (321-608-7915) provides permitting, review, and inspection of construction to ensure compliance with building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes.  The City Code requirements are necessary to promote public safety, and include minimum standards for safe building practices and materials. 

The Code Enforcement Section (321-608-7905) enforces various codes to ensure the safety and quality of life in Melbourne. On a 24-hour basis, requests for service can be submitted by telephone recording at 321-608-7902 or by using an online request form.

Fire Prevention (321-608-7910) provides enforcement of fire prevention codes, investigation of cause of fires, and the provision of public education. Fire extinguisher training for groups is available. For information about the training program call 608-7910.

The division maintains Flood Zone Maps, which are available for viewing in the Code Compliance Office on the 2nd floor of City Hall, or on the web through the GIS system.  Flood insurance information can be found at You may download a copy of the City's Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report here.

Summary of the City of Melbourne, FL sign codes.

Elevation Certificates
are maintained by the Building Department, the certificates provide Flood Insurance information.
Call (321) 608-7915

Flood zone maps are available on the website.