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Decaying Tree to be Removed From City Hall Parking Lot

Post Date:02/09/2016 9:55 AM

A dying oak tree that has become structurally unstable will be removed from the City Hall parking lot on February 10.

The tree is about 60-70 years of age. “Large limbs are beginning to show signs of advanced decay, including stress fractures where they join the main trunk of tree,” said Steve Graham, Certified Arborist/Parks Manager for the City of Melbourne. “Our examination of the tree revealed a failure of the structure inside the tree and in the tree’s root system, as well.”

For safety reasons, city staff will remove the tree before any further decay causes the limbs or the entire tree to fall down into the parking lot.

To minimize disruption at City Hall, staff will begin the process of removing the tree early in the morning of February 10 and are aiming to complete the work by close of business the same day.

Decaying tree to be removed

Decaying tree to be removed Decaying tree to be removed

Decaying tree to be removed

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