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Chief Mimbs to Be Honored at June 8 Retirement Ceremony

Post Date:06/02/2017 9:36 AM

Melbourne Police Chief Steve Mimbs retires from the City of Melbourne today (June 2) after 37 years of exceptional service to the citizens of Melbourne. A retirement ceremony honoring the chief will be held next Thursday, June 8, at 10:30 a.m. at the Hilton Rialto in Melbourne.

“Chief Mimbs led the Melbourne Police Department to great success,” said Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan. “Through tranquil and turbulent times he maintained steady guidance and earned the respect from his fellow officers, our citizens, our businesses, and community leaders.”

Chief Mimbs joined the Melbourne Police Department in 1980. He worked up the ranks in the department, gaining experience in every aspect of police operations, including patrol, SWAT, investigations, internal affairs, marine patrol, support services and communications.

He moved quickly up the ranks, becoming a Sergeant in 1986, Lieutenant in July 1994, Commander in March 2001, and Deputy Chief in August 2004. In November of 2010, he achieved the highest rank in the Department to the position of Chief of Police.

During his tenure as police chief the rate of crime in the City of Melbourne has dropped significantly. According to the FBI’s most recent compilation of national crime statistics (2015 Crime in the United States, Sept. 2016), crime is at its lowest level in Melbourne since 1985.

Chief Mimbs worked tirelessly to establish and maintain effective community partnerships with neighborhood associations, community groups and  businesses to ensure cooperative and effective relations resulting in goodwill between the Melbourne Police Department and the citizens it serves. He worked with local business leaders to create the Melbourne Police Foundation in 2006.

“It was a pleasure working with Chief Mimbs as Police Community Relations Council president,” said Melbourne City Council Member Yvonne Minus. “Chief Mimbs was always cognizant and abreast of any issues I approached him with. He never took anything lightly that I saw and would work on the problem until it was resolved. This ‘walk soft but carry a big stick’ law enforcement officer of some 37 years of service to the community will be greatly missed. May God continue to bless him.”

Chief Mimbs also led the department through the rigorous Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation process. In February 2016, the commission awarded accreditation to the Melbourne Police Department after certifying the department had met more than 200 standards the commission issues in order to ensure a law enforcement agency is functioning at the highest level.

“The City of Melbourne owes Chief Mimbs a debt of gratitude for the commitment he has given from the day he became a Melbourne Police Officer to his service as Chief of Police more than 30 years later,” said Melbourne City Manager Mike McNees.

During his career he has received many awards in recognition of his exceptional service, including the Chief’s Achievement Bar, a Campaign Bar, Commendation Bars, Unit Meritorious Bars, Unit Citation Bars, and Certificates of Commendation. He also received many letters of commendation and appreciation from other law enforcement agencies and citizens.  

“Steve Mimbs is respected for his integrity, ethics and unwavering loyalty to the profession, his employees, our citizens and his friends,” said Orlando-Melbourne Airport Police Chief Renee’ Purden, who served with Chief Mimbs for 30 years at the Melbourne Police Department. “He had these qualities years ago when we were officers together and to this day as a chief his loyalty, integrity and professionalism have worked to help protect our citizens and keep the community safe and secure.”

Chief Mimbs is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has a master's degree in public administration from Barry University.


Steve Mimbs

Melbourne Police Chief Steve Mimbs, who will retire on June 2 after 37 years of service.
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